Live Betting Strategy

Before the introduction of In-Play Betting, many gamblers were tempted to place wagers pre-kickoff simply to make a game ‘more exciting.’ Live betting has made this unnecessary because the punter can watch the game and place a bet at any time; preserving the ‘excitement’ while making a more informed decision.

The shrewd punter can guarantee a profit by watching and understanding odds movements that take place during a match. Hedging a bet is the safest and most common strategy used by professionals to steadily increase their bankroll.

Another advantage can be found in the sheer number of bookmakers that offer In-Play Betting. Sportsbooks move odds at different rates during live play and opportunities for arbitrage arise in nearly every match.

For example: during Halftime, Bet365 may have odds for Over 1.5 Goals at 2.85 while Sportingbet offers Under 1.5 goals at 1.80. If stakes are placed correctly, a 10% profit can be achieved regardless of result.

You should be aware of suspended markets. It is not uncommon for exchanges and sportsbooks to temporarily suspend a market after significant occurrences (goal, corner, penalty). A live market is a living, breathing thing and you should have a plan prepared for quick decision making. A sudden goal can cause odds to rise or fall dramatically.

Live betting can also be advantageous in the event of an early red card or injury. Situations like these are impossible to foresee before kickoff, but losses can be recouped or decreased using live betting.

In-play betting is a powerful tool for the serious punter, but can quickly turn into a nightmare for inexperienced bettors who chase losses. Below are a few rules to help you avoid falling into this trap.

Tips for Live Betting:

Understand Odds Movements – it is important that you become familiar with the ebb and flow of odds movements as time and circumstances (goals scored, sendings off, substitutions, etc.) change. Odds often move in a predictable fashion, so it is fairly easy to grasp the pattern.

Have a Plan – Stick to markets that you know and are fairly certain which direction odds will move next. Develop a strategy for 2 or 3 different markets and always be thinking a few minutes ahead. What will I do if this happens…

Be Disciplined – when you are in profit, do not get greedy. To win in the long term, you must be disciplined enough to know when to stop.

Avoid Chasing Losses – there will be instances where a profit is impossible to achieve. You will be tempted to place another wager to recoup your losses, but this can quickly get out of control. Learn from your mistakes and wait for the next match. If you have a well thought out plan, stick to it and your bankroll should steadily grow.