Live Betting

Since its inception a few years ago, Live Betting (or In-Play Betting) forever changed the landscape of sports gambling. The ability to place a wager while watching your favorite match gives the bettor a different edge than traditional fixed odds markets.

The advantage of in-play wagering has enabled many successful punters to increase their performance by making more informed decisions. For tips and advice on how to increase your profit through live betting, view our article on Live Betting Strategies.

Because of its popularity, many sportsbooks have diversified their in-play menus to include everything from ‘Total Corners’ to ‘Who will win the political election.’ Betting Exchanges have also implemented live betting to virtually eliminate the bookies overround.

Many sportsbooks now offer in-play betting, but there are a few which stand out from the rest. Click below for a complete review of these sportsbooks, including their strengths and weaknesses, bonus offers and deposit/withdrawal options.


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