System betting


System bets are a developed version of multiple bets. You do several forecasts for several events. If all the forecasts of a system bet are right, you win all the bets. The system bet is also won if only some of the forecasts are correct. There are a number of different system betting combinations.

Example for 2/3:

You bet on wins for Barca, Inter and Chelsea with the 2/3 system bet. So you play all the possible pairs the three teams can produce.

Win Barca (1,50), Win Inter (2,80)
Win Barca (1,50), Win Chelsea (2,30)
Win Inter (2,80), Win Chelsea (2,30)
Your stake is 15 Euro which means a 5 Euro stake per bet.
We assume that Barca and Chealsea won:

That means 5 x 1,50 x 2,30 = 17,25 Euro, which means a net profit of 2,25 Euro although you had 2 wrong tips.

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