Betting exchanges

Betting exchanges provide a platform to bet against each other. Users of a betting exchange can make their own odds as a result of supply and demand for different odds for sport events. A bet will only be accepted if it matches the bet of another person. It can be seen as a stock exchange for bets (peer-to-peer gambling) where a broker (e.g. betfair) is influencing the market.

Particularities of betting exchanges:

  • up to 20% higher odds compaired to competing sportsbook
  • peer-to-peer betting – being the bookmaker yourself
  • bet against others – not against a betting company
  • betting against an outcome (LAY-Bet)
  • betting on the outcome of an event (Back-Bet)
  • many LIVE in-play bets with faster changes of the odds and more attractiveness
  • nearly no limitations in stake (highstakers and highrollers wanted)

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