Liverpool – Reading

On Wednesday, 13th of January, Liverpool FC is competing against Reading in the FA-Cup. L’pool is currently struggling in the Premier League and ranked just on position 7. On the other side Reading probably got a lot more problems to solve, one of them being the fight against a possible relegation in the England Championship. Reading is currently ranked 21st in the official table and having just 3 clubs behind them. So the question is if both clubs can gain the highly needed self-confidence by winning this prestigious match.



Both teams competed 7 times against each other, 5 times Liverpool won, 1 time Reading won and 1 times the result was a draw. The last game between the clubs ended wit a 1:1 draw on January 2nd 2010 in the FA-Cup. At this time Reading even scored the first goal in the match.


Liverpool – last 5 matches played

Out of the last 5 matches, LFC won 3 (Wigan Athletics, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Aston Villa), played 1 draw (against Reading in the FA-Cup on January 2nd 2010) and lost 1 match (against Portsmouth).


Reading – last 5 matches played

Compared to Liverpool, Reading did not so good in their last 5 matches. Reading just lost 1 match but all the other 4 games ended draw. So Reading is currently missing an urgently needed success story to shoot itself out of the misery.



Although both clubs are struggeling in their leagues we believe that this match will end with a clear victory of Liverpool. Especially at home the Reds are hard to beat and it needs a strong club for that. Reading is not that club although they achieved a 1:1 draw in the last match. Our prediction is a 3:0 victory of Liverpool.