Lay bet for football betting

How does it work to place a lay-bet at a betting exchange like betfair?

Explanation of the term LAY-BET:

Lay bet is the exact contrary of the well known back-bet bookmakers normally offer.

To LAY a team, horse, result or any other outcome means to bet AGAINST that selection to WIN.  While to BACK means to bet ON a selection to WIN.


The screenshot down shows the following:

  • Lay bets (bet against something) are shown in PINK coloured column – marked in RED box
  • Back bets (bet On someting) are shown in BLUE coloured column
  • Click on the LAY-bet of your choice (e.g. bet AGAINST Chelsea to win @ back-odd of 2.06)
  • Your personal betting slip will show your choice (see at the right side of the screen)
  • Enter your stake and submit your bet (potential porfit appears at right side)
  • you are able to choose your OWN odd at betting exchanges – here it is better to lower the odd shown by clicking on the arrows down from Backer’s odds (see betting slip at right)




Explanation of Screen:

>> RED Box = 1×2 all Lay bets

>> bet AGAINST Chelsea to win – click odd 2.06

>> Insert stake of 10 (see right) – your potential loss is 10.60

>> potential Profit is your stake – here 10

>> in case Chelsea does NOT win your profit is 10 (no matter if ManU wins or they draw)




Placing a single bet

  • Laying a bet makes only sense at odds NEAR 1.00 (e.g. at 1.2) – as laying odds at 2.0 or more does not pay off, as you can see in screen avove
  • good strategy would be to lay a draw at football at e.g. 88 minutes @ odd 1.2 – f.ex stake 10 (max loss is stake of 2 – if one team scores profit would be 10)


Hedge a bet – your 2nd bet

  • Laying a back bet (your 1st bet placed before)
  • Precondition to make a profit is that Lay-bet odd is smaller that backed odd – more information see link down…


Find the opposite here – BACK bet

Combine a back and lay bet hedging your bets